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Post date Titlesort icon Aircraft Type Year Engine Hours Price Limit Additional Info
08/31/2015 Bellanca Scout Wanted
  • Piston SingleBellancaSCOUTSCOUT

Seeking a used Bellanca Scout with Metal Spar in Mid-Time Condition.

Phone: (517) 861-2073

07/13/2016 Cessna 337B Project Wanted
  • Piston TwinCessna336/337337B
1966 - 1970

Seeking a Cessna 337B Skymaster from 1996 to 1970 as a Project within Canada.  Need to find aircraft parts to restore a 1967 Cessna Skymaster.

Sam Haggi
(647) 720-2515
Waterloo, ON - Canada

07/08/2016 Douglas DC3 Wanted
  • Piston TwinDouglasDC-3

Seeking a Douglas DC3.  Preferably with cargo door. 

Jim Salazar
(626) 797-3685

01/13/2016 Light Sport Aircraft wanted
  • Light Sport
2000 - 2017 less than 1000 $50,000.00 USD Looking for good condition light sport, low wing, tail dragger, 2 place. open to many options. Must be in good flying condition with annual.
09/23/2015 Mitsubishi MU2s Wanted
  • TurbopropMitsubishiMU

Mission Air Inc., a not for profit company is doing Research and Development for modifications to improve the performance and handling characteristics so it will be more pilot friendly and can be used for Humanitarian Missions.

We are seeking an MU2 (any make or model) that you would be willing to allow Mission Air Inc. to use for this project. (A great tax benefit is available) or if you know of one that is not being used much or any, please contact Mission Air Inc. at or call 615-585-7765.

08/09/2016 Mooney M20TN Acclaim Wanted
  • Piston SingleMooneyACCLAIM
2007 - 2015

Seeking a Mooney M20TN model years between 2007-2015.

(443) 309-3246

07/12/2016 Unwanted, Abandoned Aircraft Wanted

Show me what you've got!  Seeking junk or abandoned aircraft and aviation equipment.  Removal for free!

Bo Dreher
(334) 415-1978

07/13/2016 Vans RV7 or 7A Wanted
  • Experimental-HomebuiltVansRV-7/7A

Seeking a reasonably priced 7 or 7A.  Steam guages okay.  Project kit okay if near completion.

Jan Zysko
(321) 431-6910